Production of primary biomass and sequestration of carbonwith a high water efficiency

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The comparative advantages of DMC rainfed cropping systems

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An integrated water and land management approach to develop small farmer oriented agriculture on upland areas while combating natural resource degradation and downstream impacts in upper catchments.

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CIRAD has developed in Central Java, in collaboration with the Center for Soil and Agroclimate Research and Development CSARD (Bogor), an innovative, multi-disciplinary and multi-scale participatory approach aiming at developing sustainable rainfed agriculture often synonymous with marginalized rural communities, food insecurity, povertyand inappropriate land and water management practices that have resulted in a continuous and insidious decline in productivity.

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Key agronomic factors affecting the success of Conservation Agriculture in the irrigated cropping systems of the Bajio (Mexico) (poster)

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The smallholder farmers of the Bajio face serious threats to the sustainability of their agriculture such as decreasing profitability of cereal farming, dwindling availability of irrigation water and degradation of soil fertility. Conservation Agriculture (CA) constitutes a very attractive alternative as it promises to bring about instantaneous reductions in production costs, savings in irrigation water and gradual improvements of soil fertility.

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