Short-term effect of no-tillage on profitability, soil fertility and microbiota: a case study in a tropical ecosystem (altitude plains, Lao PDR)

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Macro aggregates disruption, enhanced soil aeration and mixing of residues into the soil induced changes in microbial communities’ activity and organic C losses.

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Institutional tools for the promotion of conservation agriculture in Lao PDR

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The National Agroecology Programme (PRONAE) and the Southern Xayabury Application Point (PASS) of the Capitalization and Rural Development Support Programme (PCADR) have developed an approach in the provinces of Xayabury and Xieng Khouang that relies on direct sowing mulch-based cropping systems (DMC). This approach has provided relevant alternatives to traditional agricultural practices which can no longer ensure the foundations of sustainable agriculture.

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A farmer-group based approach linking research and development for the promotion of Conservation Agricultural in the Lao PDR.

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A holistic approach, based on a permanent link between research and development, has been implemented by the Lao National Agro-Ecology Programme (PRONAE – PCADR,NAFRI), the Rural Development Project of the four southern districts of Xayabury province (PASS – PCADR, LCG), and the Sector-based Programme on Agroecology (PROSA, MAF), in partnership with the department of agriculture and forestry of Xayabury and Xieng Khouang provinces.

Mots-clés : Agriculture de conservation, diffusion, petite agriculture familiale, scv