Direct seeding mulch-based cropping systems for rice-beef production in the plain of Jars. Xieng Khouang province,Lao PDR: an example of "creation-validation" méthodological approach.

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The Plain of Jars is an acid, infertile savannah grassland covering an area of about 60,000 ha in the western region of Xieng Khouang Province, northeastern Lao PDR. In this ecology, farming systems are mainly based on lowland rice cultivation and extensive livestock production. An increase in rice production and intensification of the livestock industry are two key components in the Lao government's poverty alleviation strategy for this area.

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A farmer-group based approach linking research and development for the promotion of Conservation Agricultural in the Lao PDR.

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A holistic approach, based on a permanent link between research and development, has been implemented by the Lao National Agro-Ecology Programme (PRONAE – PCADR,NAFRI), the Rural Development Project of the four southern districts of Xayabury province (PASS – PCADR, LCG), and the Sector-based Programme on Agroecology (PROSA, MAF), in partnership with the department of agriculture and forestry of Xayabury and Xieng Khouang provinces.

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(poster) Improving smallholder's income generation by the integration of DMC by-products into pig raising activities

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The results of these trials show that using pigeon pea for pig feed had positive impact on the Average Daily Growth (ADG) rate. The ADG obtained after 150 days with Groups 2 (523 g/days) and 3 (529 g/days) were significantly higher (P

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Improving smallholder income generation by integrating DMC by-products into pig raising activities.

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Development of cereal/legumes association in DMC system with smallholder farmers needs to provide direct economic benefits in addition to soil fertility improvement and weed control. Thus, no till maize associated with pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan) has been promoted in Sayaboury province of Lao PDR in order to improve the conventional maize monocropping system,provide farmers with additional raw material for pig raising and reduce local dependence on imported soybean meal.

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(poster) Physical Characteristics of Soil under Different Cropping and Natural Systems on the Plain of Jars

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The results of the WSA analysis are promising, highlighting the positive features of forage species like B. ruziziensis and S. guianensis, which seem able to aggregate smaller soil particles. Annual records should be made for B. ruziziensis, S. guianensis and others systems, and linked with analysis of microbial activities to show the beneficial functions of each species or system in soil aggregation. It is difficult to interpret the positive features of species in regard to bulk density and soil permeability as interaction is complex and various parameters are involved. At the same value of bulk density, this parameter will be affected by article size and arrangement, and organic content. In the case of rice and pine forest, the lower bulk density is mainly related to macro-porosity (high level of permeability). In contrast, B. ruziziensis and S. guianensis showed, for lower Da, a lower value of permeability probably related to an increase of micro-porosity. This characteristic has to be analysed during subsequent measurements of Da and soil permeability data as micro-porosity is a main component influencing water retention.

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(poster) Direct seeding Mulch based Cropping (DMC) in Lao PDR (2)

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Methodology of DMC. A Holistic Approach to Generate, Adapt, Validate andDisseminate Technologies with Smallholders

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Adoption of Conservation Agriculture in Laos - A case study in the Mekong corridor

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Case study in the Mekong Corridor

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DMC Systems for Rice--Beef Production in the Plain of jars, Xieng Khouang Province, Lao PDR : an example of Creation-Validation Metodological approach

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DMC Systems for Rice--Beef Production in the Plain of Jars, Xieng Khouang Province, Lao PDR: Province, An Example of Creation--Validation Methodological Approach

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(poster) Cattle fattening opportunities on the upper part of the Nam Ngum Basin Xieng Khouang - Laos

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This cattle breed used seems well adapted for fattening and showed a strong response to improved fodder. However, this bull fattening activity presented two major constraints.First, it seems difficult for smallholders to carry out this kind of livestock production without technical support and use of fertiliser (thermophosphate). The second limiting factor could be that the system was first perceived as requiring an initial cash investment.Development of specific market channels for forage seed production could indirectly improve pasture management, avoid high stocking rates and generate new income that could be invested in fertiliser and animal care. A global approach involving credit access, technical and political support has to be defined to develop productive and efficient livestock production on this ecology. This poses a great challenge which, if grasped, could yield great benefits on the upper part of the Nam Ngum river basin.

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Improving smallholder's income generation by the integration of DMC by-products into pig raising activities

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Integration of DMC and pig raising for smallholders in Laos

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