(poster) Cattle fattening opportunities on the upper part of the Nam Ngum Basin Xieng Khouang - Laos

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This cattle breed used seems well adapted for fattening and showed a strong response to improved fodder. However, this bull fattening activity presented two major constraints.First, it seems difficult for smallholders to carry out this kind of livestock production without technical support and use of fertiliser (thermophosphate). The second limiting factor could be that the system was first perceived as requiring an initial cash investment.Development of specific market channels for forage seed production could indirectly improve pasture management, avoid high stocking rates and generate new income that could be invested in fertiliser and animal care. A global approach involving credit access, technical and political support has to be defined to develop productive and efficient livestock production on this ecology. This poses a great challenge which, if grasped, could yield great benefits on the upper part of the Nam Ngum river basin.

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Cattle Fattening Opportunities on the Upper Part of the Nam Ngum River Basin, Xieng Khouang Province, Laos

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Since 2004, a large range of forage species tolerant to drought, aluminium saturation and soil acidity, have been used to regenerate savannah grasslands and to diversify farming production. Specific trials have been carried-out to evaluate adaptability and the seed production of various forage species. The present study seeks to evaluate the agronomic and economic components of cattle fattening using improved forage species (Brachiaria ruziziensis) and thermophosphate inputs.

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